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The Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa nestles in the world’s oldest rainforest (135 million years old, 65 million years older than the Amazon) and works with the world’s oldest culture, the Australian Aboriginal.

It is set on very special land, surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage Listed Daintree Rainforest and adjacent to the Daintree River ( we are the only accommodation place on the river). It is a unique valley of an ethno botanical wonderland of plants, some dating back 600 million years, pre-Jurassic and into Triassic era. Our guests will see these on the way to the property’s pristine waterfall which is one of the several sacred sites, the Kuku Yalanji people are happy to share with your clients. This piece of tropical paradise has its own ecosystem and micro-climate (10-12 degrees cooler, on average, than Cairns or Port Douglas) and is a hot-spot for biodiversity.

Wiht only 15 bayans (tree houses) this is a very exclusive place to visit. Rooms include all that is expected in an Eco Lodge including King or Queens size beds, our unique range of Daintree Essential bathroom products, airconditioning, TV, bar fridge, telephone, bathrobes etc. But, the most important part of staying at the Lodge is the environment. Guests can relax on their microscreened balconies - right in the rainforest. 10 rooms have jacuzzi´s on the deck - a delightful place to enjoy a relaxing spa!

Exclusive Spa and Wellness centre
At the Daintree Wellness Spa the therapists have been very busy. Over the past 6 years our own unqiue range of products, "Daintree Essentials" has been created. It is the exclusive organic, native and natural skin care range that guests experience in their rooms, whilst staying at the Lodge and the range is used in all unique spa and massage treatments here. Our treatments are all Aboriginal inspired too and are very very special. Guests should definintely not miss out on these experiences.

Aboriginal Involvement - from the heart
The ´Karrba Foundation´ has been established in conjunction with the elders of the Kuku Yalanji, with the aim of further development of employment and training opportunities. Karrba Foundation will be able to fund projects on the site involving Aboriginal employment and enhancement to the cultural aspects of the travel experience for guests. Also, Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa has developed one of the few successful Aboriginal employments, training and mentoring programmes over the last 15 years with over 50 Kuku Yalanji “graduates”. A percentage of takings goes towards the foundation.

We are Australia´s most awarded!
Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa has become one of the most highly awarded ecotourism and spa destinations in the world plus the Lodge has featured in many international publications and TV programs (including Oprah Winfrey’s “Ultimate Australia Adventure” and 2011 UK Master Chef).

The intrinsic environmental, cultural and personal experiences can not be overstated.

Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa is the ultimate Eco Lodge of the Daintree rainforest. It is unique in its location, its Aboriginal involvement and its spa. This is the real deal.


The award winning Julaymba Restaurant and Aboriginal Art gallery is another very special element of the Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa. Breakfast is served daily on the deck overlooking the small lagoon.

The a la carte dinner menu is inspriational. Chef combines native ingredients, fruits of the forest, and fresh produce to create Australian cuisine with a twist. And with good food the Lodge also features an excellent wine list.

The gallery space also features the bar and lounge area and we encourage our guests to enjoy this place throughout their stay


The Award winning Daintree Wellness Spa, at the Lodge, features some amazing wellness treatments. We highly recommend that all guests take advantage of at least one of these unique treatments. Our focus is on health and wellness.

Signature Treatment - Walbul-Walbul (Wal-bull Wal-bull) - Butterfly $295
Allow yourself to connect with the vibration of the land. Experience the contrasting sensations, melt away with drizzling warm oil and the sprinkling of desert salt. Enjoy a soothing massage, a tingling full body exfoliation and whilst cocooned in warm mud, surrender to nourishing head treatment and the healing waters from the waterfall. We liken this treatment to the brilliant transition of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Spread your wings and fly...
Duration: 120 minutes

Ngujakura (Knew-ja-gura) - Dreamtime - $395
Time for your body, mind and soul to go “walkabout”. The total sensory journey from head to toe. Your adventure includes Jina foot, Kambarr rain therapy treatment, Julma full body massage and Walu BalBal facial. Discover your own dreamtime and happily transcend to the jirri-warra (angels, known in Yalanji speak as the “sky mob”). This enchanting ritual will heighten your awareness of mother earth. Served with tantalising tastes from the rainforest.
Duration: 180 minutes

Tropical Exotics - $300
Surrounded by the rainforest, fresh tropical ingredients of honey, raw sugar, and local coconut are infused into your delicious experience. Enjoy a body polish, face masque and hair treatment. Wash under the outdoor shower to prepare for a luscious jasmine body butter massage. This experience is completed with a velvety milk spa bath and an exotic tropical fruit juice. - experiences shared become memories to cherish.
2 hours 2 persons $300 per person

Walu BalBal (Shine Face) - $150
The unique spa facial will transport your senses to a time where sacred rainforests harboured ancient wisdom and therapeutic botanicals. Quandong berry, seaweed and bush honey are just a taste of what will follow. Feel purified, hydrated and refreshed after a deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask, massage and moisturising finish. Your Walu is more than skin deep!
60 minutes $150

Dukul & Jina (Dugal & Jinna) - Top to toe/head and feet - $130
Become grounded with an invigorating foot treatment and relaxing head massage. Clear your spirit with a foot soak, sea salt polish and stimulating cinnamon and eucalyptus foot balm to soften and soothe the skin whilst re-aligning energy with a head massage and nourishing wild rosella hair mask.
60 minutes $130

Julma (Jul-ma) - To massage - 60 minutes $130 - 90 minutes $190
Now is your special time. Revitalize with a massage tailored to your specific needs. Our qualified therapists use a combination of Eastern and Western techniques. So, let your body destress, release muscle tension and rebalance. The human touch will allow you to escape into deep relaxation. Return to embrace the world with renewed vitality.

Wawu Dingkarr (Wa-wu Ding-gar) - Spirit of Man - $230
Revive your body, mind and spirit. A sensory journey for every man and woman. To begin, surrender yourself to the lime and ginger salt exfoliation combined with the energising rain therapy. Follow with your choice of massage from relaxing to incorporating sports and deep tissue techniques. Drift into your own time and space. Awaken, balanced and ready to embark on life´s adventure.

Milka-Marri (Milgah-muddy) - Peaceful and Content - 90 Minutes $230
Peace, be still ... retreat into bliss. Evoke the rainforest spirits with this unique treatment that focuses on the extremities. Slip into tranquillity with the foot treatment, spa facial and hand treatment. A true celebration for the hands, feet, face and head. Indulging these zones induces a sense of euphoria, leaving the body and mind soaring into a deep meditative state.
Purely Bathing - $80 30 minutes
Immerse yourself in the healing waters of the ancient Daintree Rainforest, in exotic essences of coconut milk, and lime. Soak away all tension and allow pure water from the waterfall to restore your vitality. Enjoy a sensational fresh fruit juice - Purely Bathing is a great addition to all treatments.

Shiatsu - $2 hours $250
Japanese pressure point massage, performed on a mattress on the floor while you remain fully clothed, incorporating stretching and pressure on specific points using fingers, hands, elbows, knees and feet.

Wawu Jirakul (Wawa Jiragul) - Your Spirit Cleansed - 90 Minutes - $295
Deep in the ancient rainforest, by the waterfall, release your inhibitions, invite spirit to connect with your soul. Let the raw elements of existence envelope you:
Earth - a traditional purification using the ochres from the waterfall
Water - cleanse in healing rainforest water
Fire - connecting and balancing your energies to create a sacred space.
Air - the essence of life, air in its purest state.
Ether - at one with the universe In harmony with nature, in the essence of nurture, in respect of culture on availability and weather permitting

Kambarr (Gumbard) - Ochre - $165
The Walbul Walbul signture treatment without the Body Massage. Experience the drizzling of warm oil and sprinkling of sea salts with a full body exfoliation. Cocoon in warm mud, surrender to a nourishing head treatment and the healing waters of the property´s pristine waterfall.


Located in the world’s oldest rainforest, a
stay at Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa provides
an opportunity to share in the world’s oldest,
continuous culture through authentic, ethical,
unique and inspiring personal experiences with
the Kuku Yalanji Rainforest Aboriginal people.
The Lodge is set in a lush valley amidst 30 acres of
ancient rainforest, boarded by UNESCO World Heritage
Listed Daintree National Park, with plants dating pre
Jurassic, into Triassic eras, with sacred sites including
the pristine waterfall that is a special female healing
place. The site has an abundance of rare superfine
multi-coloured ochres of over 30 different colours.
The Julaymba Restaurant and Aboriginal Art Gallery
presents innovative, Australian cuisine with a native
twist, infusing native ingredients from the rainforest.
Guests have the opportunity to participate in
Aboriginal Art and Culture workshops to create their
own artworks, or purchase authentic Aboriginal art
that is for sale in the Gallery and in each bayan.
Aboriginal Guided Rainforest Walks and 4WD
Safaris provide an insight into Aboriginal life in
the world’s oldest rainforest. Head out with a
Kuku Yalanji guide to visit the waterfall that is
a sacred healing site, or experience a full or half
day tour to learn how to throw a spear, whilst
hunting along the coast and observing wildlife.
Spa and massage experiences include the unique
Daintree Essentials which is a native, natural and
organic skin care range inspired by the local Aboriginal
wisdom using rainforest ingredients. Daintree
Wellness Spa “Wawu-Karrba” - Healing of the Spirit
offers Aboriginal inspired and named treatments. The
unique “Wawu Jirakul” - Your spirit cleansed -
treatment is at the sacred female healing site deep in the
ancient rainforest at the property’s pristine waterfall.
All experiences are in harmony with nature, in the
essence of nurture and in respect of culture.

the Baral mardjanada Indigenous Guided Rainforest Walk. This is a fascinating walk to the natural waterfall on the property. Gain a glimpse into the local Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal history, culture, traditions and rainforest life. This walk also includes a prsentation of local Aoboriginal artefacts.

Julay bnalbu - Aboriginal Art Workshop. here guests take part n an authentic Aboriginal Art and cultural workshop. Learn from an indigenous teacher the history, traditiona and culture of the Kuku Yalanji people whilst you paint your own Aboriginal inspired artwork. Learn the art of storytellilng through pictures - and keep the finished piece as an authentic memento of a visit to Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa


Guests can enjoy many other experiences during their stay at the Lodge including:
Half and Full day cultural adventure tours with Walkabout Tours - your Kuku Yalanji guide tailore makes the tour tro suit - experience what other tours do not offer

Daintree River Cruises - we can assist with a selection of opportunities for cruising on this beautiful rainforest clad river. Cruises feature the amazing birdlife, wildlife - including crocodiles, and amazing fauna of the region.

ARGO 8 x 8 is the ultimate off-road experience. Explore rainforest, cattle country and logging tracks and enjoy some spectacular scenery en route.

Fishing - for the enthusiast we can arrange fishing and photography tours on the mighty Daintree. Calm water fishing targets Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Fingermark, Trevally and Mudcrabs. Chef may even prepare your catch for dinner.

Great Barrier Reef cruises are available from Port Douglas and we can make arrangements for guests.

Helicopter Scenic flights are also available.

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